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Solihull Tea Party

Larger cakes for bigger appetites

Petit fours are great when you are having mostly ladies.  For weddings, however, there are usually lots of men present, and they will devour petit fours and look around for something else to eat.  To solve this very serious problem, we suggest that when you are catering for your wedding, you have slices of larger cakes instead. They are just as delicious as our petit fours, but are more substantial.

Our cakes are delicious.  They are just like the cakes you get in REALLY good coffee shops.  Each cake is 10” across, and will serve 14 people generously.

Why not have a look at our cakes …….. you might have a job choosing which ones to have, as they are all yummy.

All cakes cost £30 each if bought separately.

Red Velvet Cake

(10 inches - serves 14)

A new favourite - a red vanilla cake with a hint of chocolate, topped with a vanilla cream cheese icing and a sprinkling of the red sponge crumb

Lime and Courgette Cake

(10 inches - serves 14)

It sounds weird, but it’s DELICIOUS.  The courgettes make the cake really moist, and the lemon and lime curd in the middle makes it really tangy.  The lime juice and pistachios on the top just finish it off.

Continental Chocolate Cake

(10 inches - serves 14)

An incredibly rich, lush cake packed with chocolate, covered and filled with a rich chocolate ganache and sprinkled with chocolate flakes – definitely one for the grown-ups!   (Jackie’s favourite chocolate cake ever.)


Buttercream and Jam Sponge

(10 inches - serves 14)

A soft Victoria sponge with loads of butter cream and raspberry jam

Passion Cake

(10 inches - serves 14)

Similar to carrot cake but with pineapple pieces, sultanas and coconut, covered with an orange flavoured, full fat soft cheese icing

Gluten-free Carrot Cake

(10 inches - serves 14)

A moist, gluten free carrot cake made with pineapple, carrots and coconut, with a great combination of mixed spices. Filled with cream cheese frosting and finished with chopped hazelnuts.

Coffee and Walnut Cake

(10 inches - serves 14)

Everybody’s favourite - a soft coffee sponge topped and filled with coffee fudge icing and finished with pieces of walnut. Uses CAFEDIRECT Fairtrade coffee

Fresh Fruit Pavlova

The ultimate in decadence.  Home-made delicious, chewy meringye, with fresh cream and fresh fruit in season.

10 - 12 inches across, easily serves 16.